My first CRAFTSY on-line cooking class.

I am officially a CRAFTSY instructor. For anyone that is not familiar with Craftsy, it is a huge on-line platform where you can find hundreds of different classes: quilting, sewing, knitting, cake decorating, art, photography, cooking and many more categories.

My class launched on August 31st! This is the link to buy the class!  Once you buy the class, it is yours forever and you can go back anytime to watch it again! You can also post pictures of your projects and any questions you may have for me on the class page!

“Cooking the Northern Italian way” is a 7 lesson class about my favorite things to eat, and of course to cook! I’ll teach you how to make fresh homemade pasta, risotto and the staple of my region in Italy, Frico, plus homemade ravioli, crispy skin branzino and my famous braised beef short ribs. There is food for every flavor preference! Recipes are very easy and very well described.  In addition to the videos there are detailed recipes with quantities and steps that accompany every lesson. This is a great chance to learn some authentic Italian flavors !

Buy my first on-line class now!!

Here some more pictures of the deliciousness you will learn to make!




ribs copia  risotto copyfrico